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There’s no other word to describe the neighborhood of Browncroft besides grand. Due to wealthy residents who built stunning homes in the early 20th century, Browncroft has managed to preserve these significant structures as part of a blended residential and commercial community that is like no other. Close-knit neighbors work together to preserve the beauty and tranquility of their neighborhood. It’s no wonder that Browncroft has such a fine reputation as a charming place to live, work and play.

Browncroft real estate is definitely in demand, especially for home buyers who want to own a piece of history. Of course, there are new construction projects taking place so property options range from single family homes to townhomes, apartments, condos and more. Home buyers are going to love the beauty and tranquility that comes with owning Browncroft real estate.

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Browncroft is located in the eastern part of Rochester and it is close to neighborhoods like East Avenue and Beechwood. The neighborhood is not large, with the north border as Elmcroft Road, the east border as Fairhaven Road, the south border as Blossom Road and the west border as North Winton. Residents can easily access Route 590 and I-490 from just a few miles outside Browncroft. There are few places that deliver the beauty and convenience that Browncroft can.

Because it is primarily residential, Browncroft doesn’t have many business or retail areas. The small business district is located on Winton Road, and is populated with small shops and interesting restaurants. The homes in Browncroft are unique, well-preserved and lovingly cared for, putting the Browncroft Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. House tours, walking tours and more are popular in Browncroft for those who appreciate significant architecture and the importance of historic spaces.

Residents who live in Browncroft have lots of things to see and do in the immediate area. The Browncroft Rose Garden Park is popular, providing a lovely place to enjoy nature. Browncroft is also close to Tryon Park, Lucien Moren Park, Irondequoit Bay Park West, Abraham Lincoln Park and Ellison Park. Irondequoit Bay is just a few miles to the north of Browncroft as well. Other attractions in the area include Rochester Museum and Science Center, George Eastman Museum, Rochester Broadway Theater League, Country Club of Rochester and Oak Hill Country Club.

No matter what size, style or price home buyers want when looking for the homes for sale in Browncroft, they are going to find something special to suit their needs. Not everyone is suited for urban living, but home buyers who dream of charming historic neighborhoods in the heart of Rochester will find that Browncroft real estate is their dream come true. It’s not too late to start searching through the homes for sale in Browncroft.