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It might be easy to overlook the neighborhood of Charlotte because of its small size and northerly location, but it makes a big impact in the hearts and minds of its residents. As one of Rochester’s best-kept secrets, Charlotte is considered one of the best places to live in the entire city, thanks to fine schools, excellent real estate, outstanding community amenities and a top location. Residents of Charlotte are some of the luckiest around.

Any home buyers that are looking to live in Rochester should definitely consider Charlotte real estate. There is a nice blend of home styles, sizes and prices so that everyone will be able to find a property they really like. From lake views to quiet suburban streets, the homes for sale in Charlotte are outstanding. Before looking at more urban areas of the city, home buyers ought to take a chance and check out Charlotte real estate.

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Located in the northwestern part of Rochester, Charlotte spans the area between Lake Ontario and the more populated parts of the city. It was the hunting grounds for native Seneca until European settlers arrived in the 1790s. It was a thriving trade port throughout the 1800s until competition from the Erie Canal and the arrival of the railroad reduced its significance. In the 20th century, resorts and summer tourists boosted the local economy and Charlotte became part of the city of Rochester in 1916. Today, Charlotte still attracts tourists, and operates as a family-friendly bedroom community for those who work in the downtown area but want to live in the suburbs.

Charlotte is close to neighborhoods and communities like Irondequoit, Greece, North Greece, Spencerport, Adams Basin, Hilton, and North Gates, among others. Lake Avenue bisects the neighborhood, and the eastern border is the Genesee River. Residents can also access the fine public bus system managed by RGRTA as needed. No matter what they need to access in the city of Rochester or in Monroe County, residents have lots of choices when they live in Charlotte.

Charlotte is a historically significant community and there are many sites and attractions that residents can enjoy, such as the Charlotte-Genesee lighthouse and the Latta-Meech house. Once known as the Coney Island of the West, Charlotte continues to demonstrate lakeside charm with attractions like Ontario Beach Park, Port of Rochester, and Turning Point Park. Other nearby attractions include Durand Eastman Golf Course, Seneca Park Zoo, Seabreeze Amusement Park, Lake Shore Country Club, Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Preserve, and The Mall at Greece Ridge, among others.

Home buyers are going to love living in this unique part of Rochester, and Charlotte real estate is sure to impress. Regardless of background and budget, the homes for sale in Charlotte are ideal for young professionals, growing families and seniors alike. It’s not too late to start the search for a new home with Charlotte real estate.