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When it comes to providing modern amenities with a small-town atmosphere, few communities do it better than Perinton. As one of the most desirable cities in the greater Rochester area, Perinton is gaining positive attention as a fine place to live and work. Recognized as one of the best places to live in the country, Perinton continues to impress all who visit. Residents of Perinton benefit from outstanding community amenities that are designed to enrich their lives every day.

Perinton real estate is in high demand now, and home buyers would do well to start their search for a new place to live right away. Single family homes, townhomes, condos and even spacious executive properties are all available among the homes for sale in Perinton. It’s no surprise that Perinton real estate listings don’t stay long on the market due to above average interest.

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Perinton has a population of approximately 48,000 residents and it is located in eastern Monroe County. It was first settled in 1793 it emerged as part of a thriving canal town, thanks to the Erie Canal. Industry, agriculture and trade were the economic foundations of the community and once the railroad arrived in the 1850s, it expanded even more. The suburban developments of the late 20th century converted farmland into housing tracts, schools and parks. Today, the local economy is strong as a bedroom community that welcomes businesses of all types and relies on retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, small business and tourism.

Perinton is bordered by Penfield in the north, Macedon in the east, Victor in the south, and East Rochester in the south. It is just 16 miles southeast of downtown Rochester, making it easy for residents to commute to work as needed. Major roads that link residents of Perinton to the rest of the county include I-490, Route 31 and Route 250, among others. Within Perinton are several communities, like Fairport, Egypt and Bushnell’s Basin. No matter where residents live or where they need to go, Perinton is ideal.

Community amenities in Perinton are second to none and residents of all ages appreciate the contributions. Public safety is a top priority for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and the four fire departments that serve the community. Public schools are highly regarded and are managed by the Fairport Central School District. An active recreation department manages all kinds of community events, activities and even sports leagues. The community and aquatics center in town welcomes residents of all ages. All in all, there isn’t much that residents of Perinton lack in their home town.

When it comes to things to see and do in Perinton, residents have plenty of options. Outdoor recreation is very popular, especially at places like White Brook Nature Area, Powder Mills Park, Spring Lake Park, and Beechwoods Park, just to name a few. Other top attractions include Garnsey Arboretum, Midvale Country Club, Eagle Vale Golf Course, Center Stage Concert Series, and much more. Residents will have a hard time deciding what to do first when they see all that Perinton has to offer.

Home buyers are making a mistake if they skip over the homes for sale in Perinton. There are plenty of opportunities to join up with this thriving community, and buying Perinton real estate is the first step. For a great investment in self, family and the future, home buyers should seriously consider the homes for sale in Perinton.