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Nestled within the town of Ogden is the village of Spencerport, a beautiful community that has a lot to offer residents. From the youngest child to the oldest citizen, Spencerport manages to meet everyone’s needs quite well. Spencerport will definitely continue to grow and progress as more residential and commercial development takes place.

The homes for sale in Spencerport represent the first step in living in a more tranquil atmosphere. Many home buyers find that the quiet charm of the homes for sale in Spencerport are just what they are looking for and make the decision to live here. There’s no doubt that Spencerport real estate is one of the best investments in the greater Rochester area.

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The population of Spencerport is approximately 3,700 residents and it is located in the western part of Monroe County. When the area was first settled in 1804, it was nothing more than a few farms, but with the arrival of the Erie Canal, a village soon sprang up to accommodate trade and travelers. The town incorporated in 1867 and saw steady but small growth in subsequent decades. In the post WWII era, Spencerport received a boost in population as the desire for more suburban living spread to the greater Rochester area. Today, Spencerport is a quiet place where residents appreciate the simple things in life.

Spencerport is located close to communities like Adams Basin, Greece, Churchville, North Greece, Brockport and Hilton. It is just 12 miles west of downtown Rochester, making it ideal for commuters. The main road that leads residents out and about include Route 531, Route 36 and route 31, among others. No matter what is motivating residents of Spencerport to get out and about, they will find what they need in just a few minutes.

Spencerport is an Erie Canal village that has a rich history that is well-preserved throughout the community. Notable historic areas like Union Street and Coolidge Avenue have beautiful buildings of historic significance. Top historic sites in town include Old Bank of Spencerport, St. John’s church, Masonic Lodge, Spencerport Rail Station and Spencerport Union School No. 1. Other attractions in Spencerport include the Depot and Canal Museum, Village Plaza, Erie Canal, Towpath Park, Canal Locks, Pineway Ponds Park, and Springdale Farm.

The community amenities in Spencerport are more than enough to make residents feel comfortable. Public schools are managed by Spencerport Central School District and it includes 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. The Ogden Farmers’ Library is the public library for the community and welcomes residents all year long. Public safety is preserved by the Ogden Police Department and the Spencerport Fire Department. All this and more is part of becoming a resident of Spencerport.

If there are home buyers who still have not visited the homes for sale in Spencerport, they should fix that quickly. Spencerport real estate is quite wonderful, and home buyers from across the state are beginning to notice it. With so much to gain, it’s no wonder that many home buyers are purchasing the homes for sale in Spencerport.